Not able to create graphs with new data available (with new data type) in same index pattern

I am using ELK v6.5.3 oss

I had some data in a index say abc-xyz-2020.06.05 (its a daily index)
in the above index data type of some fields were wrong.
I have changed the data type in logstash and ingested data in today's index i.e abc-xyz-2020.06.11

I have a index pattern abc-xyz-* , in this index pattern, in management tab there is Mapping conflict.
I want to create some graphs with new data but not able to create it using index pattern abc-xyz-* , it is not showing new fields to plot on "Y" axis.

Please help me resolving this issue.

Hi @Kartikey_Bhatore,

Depending where the issue is happening, turning "Ignore filter(s)" on in the Kibana advanced settings may help solve your issue.

Thanks Mike for the response.
I tried doing this but it didn't help.
Can you please suggest any other way of doing this?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @Kartikey_Bhatore,

My next suggestion would be to fix the conflict in the old mappings so they are all the same and then refresh the index pattern. Alternatively, you can create a new index pattern that just matches the new indices.

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