Creating a dashboard using two log files (foreign key in elasticsearch)


Hey everyone,

i have two large csv file as showing below on for the database and one for a backup server.
After filtering the cmdb file i need specify the name of the application (Parent_Nom) which
will give me the name of the server where it is installed(Enfant_Nom). after that i will go to the tsm-server
file look for the name of the server under (Node) and see its status,volume...

is it possible to visualize this in kibana ?

can lucene or DSL query do that? or should define a method in my logstasg config file?

it is like creating a foreign key to do relations between database tables

all the data are in the same index

thank you


It sounds like the question you have is around data modelling...

In short if you want to create vizualization, you will need to denormalise your data :

For the data you presented I see no reason not to denormalise...

If you do not want to denormalize your data; then you will not be able to create visualizations in kibana untill support nested type aggregations is added ( You can still run aggregations in elasticsearch of course.


thank you, actually i found this plugin on github

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