Creating Mappings for Index Interconnections in ElasticSearch: How to Establish Relationships Between Tables?

I've uploaded 10 CSV tables to Elasticsearch to create a Kibana dashboard. However, since these tables are interlinked with foreign keys, they have been transformed into JSON (NoSQL) format. I'm now looking for guidance on how to establish mappings for relationships, such as one-to-many and one-to-one, similar to what we do in relational databases. What are the recommended approaches to achieve this in Elasticsearch?

main goal is to create Dashboard with Kibana

Hello @Neelesh_Gupta,

You can explore nested and parent/child relation concepts, but there isn't a perfect way to handle this in Elasticsearch and it is expected that after uploading these files, you will have non-relational data because Elasticsearch is not a relational database. If your goal is only to create a dashboard with visualizations containing data from multiple indices “tables”, I would recommend creating a data view (index pattern) that matches all these sources, comma-separated: index1, index2, index3…

Note: Elasticsearch has different terms for the way the data is organized.

I hope this helps!


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