Whether to use multiple index in a dashboard or one index

Hi All,

I am beginner to kibana, using it for a month now. I have one doubt related to index created in ES for plotting data. The question is if I have 3 dataframes, I want columns from each dataframe in dashboard. I can join 3 using primary key foreign key relationship. Whether I should join all 3 and write one index to ES and use it in kibana Or I have to maintain 3 Index.

Dashboard requirement is I want to show unique columns in dashboard if I join I may get duplicates but when I show average it will be correct but If I have to show columns only (I am using search object as of now) I am getting repeated rows.

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Suhas Gupta

Well, Elasticsearch doesn't do joins or have a concept of foreign keys. All the fields you need for a single visualization need to be in a single index pattern. Does that help?

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