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I am beginner started using kibana only from one month. I have 2 dataframes and number of records are approx 6,00,000(Increase on daily basis per day approx 20,000 records) in one and 1000 in another. I need columns from both dataframes in one Kibana dashboard.

Whether I should join both the dataframes and write one index for one dashboard or shall I write two dataframes in two different index and create one dashboard using two index.

PS: I am using pyspark in backend to do transformations and writing data to ES.

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Suhas Gupta

It all depends on your data and how you want to query it. If you don't need to use data from both dataframes in one visualization, then I would suggest to use one index per dataframe and have a dashboard with visualizations from each index.

Hi Marius,

Thank you for replying.

I want to use data from both dataframes but not in one visualization. I want to use data from both dataframes in one dashboard but in two different visualization.
I want to ask why do you recommend keeping two different index for one dashboard ? I thought it will hamper performance of dashboard if we keep data in two different index rather than keeping in one index and creating two different visualization in one dashboard.

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Suhas Gupta

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