How to merge columns from different Index?

Hello ,

I have a index-1 where i have col1,col2,col2.... and i have another index index-2 where i have col1,lat,long..

col1 is present in both index 1 and index 2 .
my requirement is to show aggregation on index 1 values and using visual map with index 2 values.

but it is not working as both are having diffferent records .though i can see all fields coming from both indexes because name are index* . but aggregation not filtering based on lat,long selected.

so is there any way i can merge these 3 cols in to index-1 or any other way i can use both index-* ( index-1 and index-2) in same dashboard ?


I moved your question to #kibana as I believe this is where you can solve that use case.
You can add on a dashboard visualizations coming from different indices.

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