Creating A Report With A Header, Footer, And Grouped Content

Following is an example of the kind of report I am trying to achieve using Kibana.

It's your traditional report: Maybe a graphic (logo), a title and header text. All three of which are to appear at the top of every page.

The main content is a table displaying the data for the report, and it must also be able to support grouping. In the example the records are grouped by "Department".

Then at the bottom of each page is some footer text, along with the current page number.

The data is coming from a database, so the number of records is not known upfront. So the report could be one page, or 100 pages.

Each page must be able to fit on a chosen output piece of paper: whether it be A4, US Letter, or some other common paper size.

Is this possible to do with Kibana?

Hi @dbarros,

Kibana's reporting feature doesn't support all of these features today. You could generate a dashboard which has most of these features, but it wouldn't be able to page the results or have a configurable paper size.

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