Kibana reports are not showing on Reporting page

Hi all,

I generated a csv report from the Discover tab in Kibana. But I cant view the generated reports from the reporting page on the Management tab. Please help me to sort this out. Is there any configurations needed to do on Kibana side ? Please refer the below image.

Kibana version - 6.3.0

Thank you

Is there any configurations needed to do on Kibana side ?

There shouldn't be, it should just work. And you shouldn't be getting the pagination without a list of documents, that's very strange.

Can you run this, either with curl or just open it in a browser (adjust the hostname and such as needed):


That should give you the count of documents in the reporting index, and it should be greater than 0 (and probably greater than 30 based on the pagination controls). If you see no documents (unlikely), then there's a bug rendering that page.

If you do see a document count greater than 0 (likely), open that interface in your browser but with the dev tools open, and see if any errors show up in the console. You can also watch the "network" tab to see if any requests are failing. If you see errors in the console, or failing requests in the network tab, follow up here with details and I can try to help you diagnose.

@Joe_Fleming I just reinstalled my Kibana version and now it's working fine. Thank you very much for the support. :slight_smile:

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