Creating a second Elastic user

Is it possible to create a second user, other than the initial user , named Elastic?

Hey @mc1392,

Yes. We offer the option to reset the password of the built-in elastic user directly from ECE interface, but this you can still navigate to the Management >> Users page in the relevant Kibana instance and create additional users, or do the same via the relevant Elasticsearch REST api endpoints. You can also integrate with external IdPs such as LDAP/AD, or SAML.

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thank you!

Let me add more detail to my question:
I have a javascript developer using React, hence the username and password are clear text.

can I make one that only has READ access to a particular index?

You should be able to create an Elastic reader user.
This might be helpful -

I don't see how this addresses my issue.
I'm using the Cloud Service.

Maybe I need a better understanding of what the roles mean.
Is there a role that is synonymous with Read Only?

I actually noticed that you were Cloud after I posted it. Just trying to be helpful. You should be able to look over the default permission groups and choose one. I know one that I had to create was called Logstash_reader. Perhaps there is an Elasticsearch reader function you could add to an ID you create? Hope this is helpful.


after looking a bit more, I do see a 'read' level permission.
Not sure how I missed that.

Thanks for the help.

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