Creating multiple users for Kibana/Elasticsearch

Hey, I wanted to move from default one user on kibana and create multiple. I'v been stuck doing it for couple of hours now so .. here I am : ).

Running Elasticsearch 6.5.2-1(x-pack is installed by default and I believe it should be done with it - I considered running nginx proxy and 'shield' plugin on elasticsearch to allow mulitple user authentication - but that's a work-around - there is x-pack and has to be configured somehow with it :stuck_out_tongue: unless you know better way. | Kibana 6.5.2.-1

Atm I'm back to square one so if anyone know few instructions on how to create new default user and later more users - I'l be really greatefull

Security is not part of the default free Basic license, so first you need to make sure you have a commercial or trial license. Once you have this in place you should be able to create users and roles.

Hi @KindTomato,

X-pack security is definitely the easier way to go. There is another option which is SearchGuard, the community edition is free. It will need much more effort in setting up and configuring but could do what you need.

I am in no way affiliated with either Elastic or SearchGuard. I do not have a preference. I have tried X-pack under the trial license and it was very straight forward and did the job nicely. I have been meaning to test out SearchGuard for a long time but have not had the time to invest in the configuration yet.

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