Cross Cluster Search and Xpack

When we enable cross cluster search it prevents xpack basic monitoring stats from being displayed in kibana. I presume that is because the remote x-pack indices are accessible.

Is there a way to enable cross-cluster-search without breaking local xpack monitoring?


Any feedback on this will be appreciated :slight_smile:

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When we

Hi @dawiro,

Could you possible elaborate a bit further on what you mean by


? This will hopefully help someone understand what your issue is and provide some feedback.

Hi @ikakavas,
By enabling cross-cluster search I mean updating cluster settings with remote cluster alias and seed nodes as described here:

How that impacts xpack basic, I presume, is that the kibana monitoring gui of the local cluster detects the xpack indices of the remote cluster. As a result, the monitoring dashboard for the local cluster stops working due to license constraints.

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