Cross-cluster search between ECE2.2 cluster and non-ECE cluster not working


ECE 2.2, Elastic 7.1 Cluster
Non-ECE, Elastic 6.7.1 Cluster

So according to docs 6.7.1 should be able to CCS to 7.1. However I am getting "General SSLEngine problem" and "unable to find valid certification path to requested target".

Some of the ECE documentation says CCS only works within the same ECE environment, can anyone confirm this?

I have already confirmed that:
Transport certs signed with the same master cert
IP/PORT are correct
Ports are reachable from both sides
no filtering
tls versions compatible

I have a theory that since ECE uses client profile, even though I am providing the public seeds, perhaps it is trying to come back from or use the local 172 client ip and port for the transport layer.

Would really appreciate any help here.

Hi @jethropickering and welcome to the Elastic Discuss forum!

Indeed, as per the documentation currently, to enable CCS All clusters must be in the same same Elastic Cloud Enterprise environment.

At this time I am not aware of a possible workaround, but please contact your support agent to check and raise an enhancement request for this.

Thanks for the quick reply Janko.
Will definitely raise with the reps tomorrow, this is something that makes transitioning either a lot easier or a lot harder if like us you can't go cold turkey straight away and need to things piecemeal into ECE.
Thanks again.

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