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Hello. I’m InJong.
I have a short question.
Is it possible connect es-7.2.1(self) to es-7.17(elastic-cloud) for cross cluster search.

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You can configure one remote cluster to communicate with your environment (self) and the other (Cloud). There must be communication between these Elasticsearch services. The link below explains in more detail how you can configure and then create your search among the clusters:

there's also this matrix of version-to-version compatibility Search across clusters | Elasticsearch Guide [8.1] | Elastic

@ghudgins @grfneto
Thank you for your help.
I followed the guide you gave me.
But i can't connect es-7.2.1(self/local) to es-7.17(elastic-cloud).

Elasticsearch log

handshake failed because connection reset

I think need configuration that trust transport.ssl.
So, I tried to find a way to connect the elastic cloud with my self-managed cluster, but I couldn't find it. (detail configuration.)

As far s I know Elastic Cloud only supports CCS between Elastic Cloud clusters and does not support connecting to external self hosted clusters. If you look at the docs all clusters must belong to the same Elastic Cloud account, which the self hosted one does not. I would recommend contacting Elastic Cloud support to verify though.

Thank you for your help.

Also please note that 7.2 is EOL and you should really upgrade.

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