Cross Cluster Search vs Tribe Node

In 5.3.0 version, a new capability of cluster search is being provided and this link says cross cluster search has solved many of these problems . But cross cluster serach is in experimental mode and the warning says this may be removed in future versions. I wanted help with the following here : 1) Is there a list of the issues that are present in tribe node? 2) Is there a list of the issues present in cross cluster search?

Our cluster is around 40TB+ and we are planning to split it. For this split we are exploring approaches for cross cluster search.

Yeah, we do that for every experimental feature, but we fully expect this to replace tribe. So while it may change a fair bit, I don't think it's going to be removed :slight_smile:

For the issues, you'll have to check out github. eg✓&q=is%3Aissue%20is%3Aopen%20label%3A"%3ATribe%20Node"%20

Thanks for the reply !

Is there any provision for managing writes also for multiple clusters? If not present now, any plans for providing this in future?


Is there any label where we are tracking issues being faced in cross-cluster search?

From what I can see it's under the :Search label.

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