Tribe node for elastic stack

Hi team,

I'm new on ES , is there any way to configure multi-cluster for ES stack to provide HA ,
i read notions about Tribe config, is it best practice for this ?, is it possible to set a tribe node for each cluster ?
the goal is to install two cluster with many nodes on separate DC

Many thanks

Can you explain what you mean exactly with 'multi cluster for ES to provide HA'? What functionality are you expecting?

Tribe node has been deprecated for some time. You might want to read about Cross cluster search and cross cluster replication


hi @spinscale
thanks for your reply, we need to provide somthing like hight availability betwen the two datacenter, i have read documentation for Tribe node and it can do something like this.
The purpose is to have two clusters with same data on same kibana interface


i have another question,
can i configure filebeat on the remote server and put different ip of " output.logstash " servers ?

many thanks

just to repeat: the tribe node feature has been removed in newer versions of elasticsearch so I highly recommend not using it and checking out the alternatives I mentioned previously.

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