Multiple tribe nodes - disaster recovery


I have a setup with 3 tribe nodes, all looking at the same 4 elasticsearch clusters. The reason behind this, is they are all in separate datacenters and if one goes down, we still have visibility in the other 3 datacenters.

All the tribe nodes are looking at one index. But if that datacenter goes away, those tribenodes will no longer have the configurations.

Is there a way to sync the primary tribe node index to the other 2 tribe node index's? I was thinking of just doing an rsync every so often but wasn't sure if anyone else has an answer for this.

Can you elaborate on this, it's not clear what you mean as tribe nodes don't create indices, they just read.

The dashboards and visuals and searches are saved to an index. Or is this not how it's suppose to go?

So you mean the .kibana index.

There's currently no way in ES to really keep these synched across multiple clusters. You'd have to do something like Snapshot+Restore, maybe.

yes, the .kibana (i forget that's the default, we renamed it).

thanks, that was my plan if there wasn't a proper solution.