ElasticSearch deployment architecture with tribe nodes


I want to setup an ELK Stack infrastructure that streams the logs from two
data centers and make the combined log viewable through a single Kibana
console. Each data center has a local ElasticSearch cluster. So, I'm
considering using Tribe nodes to bring the data together.

The questions are

  • Because I want to setup the tribe nodes with HA and DR in mind, I'm
    considering putting two tribe nodes in each data center. Do you see any
    problem with this setup? Any special config I need to be aware of besides
    the one that's already been mentioned in tribe node blog?
  • Tribe node documentation mentions that multicast is enabled by
    default. Will there be any problem if unicast is used?
  • Thinking outside the box a bit more, besides the Tribe node usage, are
    there any recommended ES deployment architecture that satisfies my highly
    available and the single view of the data from two different data centers?


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