Cross search with 2 indexes

Hi All,

I have elasticsearch with 2 indexes and Kibana. (import from CSV)
The first index contain data for different machines like IP address (type:IP).
The second index contain CIDR and Network name

We want to visualize All machine into a single Network
I've try make request with IP datatype or foreeach whitout result...

Do you have a idea ?

I've also try with IP_range but I can't define "ranges" to check into index.
An idea ?

If I understand correctly you want to do an search on multiple indexes, you could create an alias that points to both of them and then use that to do your searches.

Thank's for your reply.
I've try to make index patterns for the both index but it's does'nt work.

INDEX 1 contain multiple IP address (,,,, ...)
INDEX 2 contain multiple CIDR range & Network Name (,, ...)
I want agregate IP address into CIDR range but from 2 index

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