Cross-sites Kibana

Hi all,

We have 4 sites with 1 ELK stack on each. Therefore, we are using Kibana to visualize and search for log at individual site. Now, we are looking for a solution to use 1 common Kibana as a single point of management to be able to manage all sites (2 node cluster at each site).

I'm confusing with many option such as Tribe node, Cross Cluster Search, Kafka,...

Could you please give me some advice?

Thank you so much,
Hung Tran

What version are you using?
Cross cluster search would be the recommended option but it was only introduced starting with version 5.5.0.
It will work with clusters at different sites, as long as you have connectivity with the ES clusters on each site.

Hi Marius,

Thank for your quick response,

Our current version is 5.5. In respect of network connectivity, all sites can reach each other via Site-to-site VPN connection.

Is possible to have 1 common Kibana server for all sites?

Hung Tran

Yes, it should not be any problem having one common Kibana for both servers. You just need to update your index patterns according to the documentation:

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