Cross tabulation Visualization between two categorical columns where both column are in different indexes

Hi All,
Can we create cross tabultion visulaization(like stacked Vertical bar or stacked Pie Chart) between 2 categorical fields where both fields are in two different indexes having some common primary id.
one index name is merchantindex and another name is merchantindexfraud ..when i created index pattern with wildcard pattern merchantindex* and tried to create stacked bar/pie chart then its not working.When i am adding second field as split series then no stack chart is coming.
Is there any alternate solution.


Can you provide a few example documents? What does the inspector show is being requested in your visualization?

Thanks, @wylie for the reply.

for example below two indexes with below fields are two categorical fields are model_fraud and fraud and need to build cross tabulation(stacked bar charts,stacked piE) between these.

index1> common field,name,city,model_fraud
index2>common field,fraud

Can you show example documents, not just the names of fields? Can you tell me what kind of query you are running?

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