CSV Export Permission Issue for Kibana Users (Non-Superuser) in Elasticsearch 8.6.1

I have installed Elasticsearch with an active license, but I am encountering an issue when trying to export data to CSV while logged in as either the kibana-viewer or kibana-full user. Notably, exporting works fine when I use the elastic superuser account. I've attempted to create a new role with the configurations shown in the screenshot provided.


but I still cannot export the data. Different settings either result in an empty CSV file or an error message stating, "CSV download failed. We couldn't generate your CSV at this time." Could someone please guide me on how to define the correct role and assign it to a new user so that exporting data into CSV becomes possible?

Hello @Behnam.R,

Pls check the Kibana privileges…

This is a good guide: Configure reporting in Kibana | Kibana Guide [8.11] | Elastic

@Priscilla_Parodi Thanks a lot for the help, it works perfectly now.

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Great! You're welcome.

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