Permission Rules for CSV Export on Basic License

Hey there, we run an ECK instance, which runs ES 7.16.2 However recently, users who were previously able to generate CSV reports are no longer able to generate CSV reports. We didn't upgade the stack or anything, just suddenly... permission denied. I found this article: Configure reporting in Kibana | Kibana Guide [8.2] | Elastic which indicates that I should setup a user with a role that contains roughly this permission:

PUT localhost:5601/api/security/role/custom_reporting_user
  "elasticsearch": { "cluster": [], "indices": [], "run_as": [] },
  "kibana": [
      "base": [],
      "feature": {
        "dashboard": [ "all" ], 
        "discover": [ "all" ], 
      "spaces": [ "*" ]
  "metadata": {} // optional

I have done this, and also fixed it after so that it points to the correct spaces and indexes. However, any user which has this role still cannot generate a CSV from a saved search in discover. Am I missing something obvious? I am using ECK 1.9.1 with ES version 7.16.2.

It's worth noting that superusers can still do this, just other users..cannot.


Do you have this setting disabled as per documentation?

xpack.reporting.roles.enabled: false

Worth also noting you should check your version documentation just in case there are changes

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