Reporting Error: Access for Kibana ->Share -> CSV Report -> Generate CSV

I have a user with the guest_role which can "read" access on an index, I have also assigned a Kibana's reporting_user role, but when the user tries to Share the content of and index using
Share -> CSV Report -> Generate CSV

user get "Reporting error " > Forbidden

I saw a post about assign the reporting_user role to the user, but it didn't solve my problem

Try giving the user read and write access.

** I just tested and only read should work...

Here is what I tested to work with 7.10.

Sounds like that is what you have but can you match and verify?


But it is a guest user, we don't want to give them to write any "dummy" record to our index, when learning on ElasticSearch.

I tried it again after I assigned the reporting_user role, and I login to the "guest" account, and I can generate the report. But when my user login with the same account (logout, relogin in new tab), and he try to generate csv report, and his action failed.

Besides, we don't want to give admin role to guest user.

I think it is working now.
Need to logout, and then relogin, and then open a new tab to relogin, then it works

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