CSV file uploading error

I am using ES 7.10 and tried to upload a csv file, so I can make a dashboard in Kibana.
But unfortunately I get this error.
My csv file looks like this:
My Mapping looks like this:
and this is the error:

Thank you

The problem is that the carriage returns from your CRLF line endings are making it through to the messages that get indexed into Elasticsearch.

This is strange because they’re supposed to be stripped out by the Kibana upload code: [ML] Process delimited files like semi-structured text by droberts195 · Pull Request #56038 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

We will investigate why this might happen, but in the short term the workaround will be to edit the ingest pipeline on the “Advanced” tab of the file import screen and insert a trim processor on the message field before the csv processor.

thank you for your response.
Do you mean something like this?
And what should I write in the field?
Thank you

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