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I'd like to analyse a CSV with text data following steps in

I've created a elastic cloud trial account with a deployment on using AWS. When I load the CSV, I get "File could not be read. Request Time-out " message (see screenshot). The file contains 13k rows is 10.9 MB and is CSV format and contains news article data (e.g. headline, summary, url).

It would be great if you can point me in the right direction and how I can workaround this. I'm not looking for alternative upload methods. A real advantage to the cloud product was being able to upload a CSV via the browser.


Thanks, Mike

It is quite possible there is some problem with the uploader and the way the data is formatted. Is it possible for you to post 5-10 sample lines from this file here?

Hi Rich

Thanks for your help.

Example lines below inc header. I've tried again and could load 1,000 records successfully but the larger file (13k records) failed. These records below did load. The file format is unix LF and UTF-8 and csv extension.

Is it possible to add records to the index via Kibana? I could split my 13k row file into smaller chunks and load.

"start","Date","Headline","URL","Source","Influencer","Country","Subregion","Language","Reach","National Viewership","AVE","Sentiment","Key Phrases","Input Name","Keywords","Document Tags","Datetime","Domain","domain","end"
"rep1","19-Jun-2019 08:03AM","Madame Tussauds London unveils Priyanka Chopra Jonas figure - London Post","","London Post - London News!","By Ldn-Post","United Kingdom","","English","13449","0","124.4","Positive","London Post,Madame Tussauds London,Vogue cover star,Fans,Priyanka Chopra Jonas,sites,global superstars arrival,Priyanka,anticipated London arrival,New York,figure,Golden Globes,Today,Priyankas New York City apartment,star,continents,epic,womens issues and equality,fully licensed Tussauds Bar,obvious choice,latest addition","Adhoc Search Export","exampleco","","2019-06-19 00:00:00","https","","rep2"
"rep1","19-Jun-2019 08:01AM","School gains award for work on respecting childrens rights","","The Leader","By Aaliyah Rugg","United Kingdom","","English","26738","0","247.33","Positive","children,exampleco UK Rights Respecting School,school,award,pupil,primary school,School gains award,Staff and pupils,Mrs Tamsin Nellist,school community,wellbeing, participation, relationships and self,ethos and relationships,respect,Ysgol Maes Y Felin,journey,Teaching,childs talents and abilities,worlds,exampleco,abilities,committee,Teachers Rhiannon Evans and Tamsin Nellist,whole community,health and wellbeing,esteem,wellbeing","Adhoc Search Export","exampleco","","2019-06-19 00:00:00","https","","rep2"
"rep1","19-Jun-2019 08:00AM","Breastfeeding or formula? exampleco praises support given to new mums in north Cumbria","","News & Star","Pamela McGowan","United Kingdom","East England","English","34719","0","321.15","Positive","safe formula,Health visitors,breastfeeding,staff,Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust,NHS Trust mark,s Stage 2 Baby Friendly Initiative accreditation,first stage,north,cent,Cumbria Partnership and North Cumbria University Hospitals,public health teams,best support,support groups,volunteer breastfeeding peer supporters,teams,exampleco praises,exampleco initiative,new mums,various initiatives,Cumbria,Diane Clark and Fiona Sim,exampleco assessors,old babies,parents and babies,awareness,Fiona,accreditation","Adhoc Search Export","exampleco","","2019-06-19 00:00:00","https","","rep2"
"rep1","19-Jun-2019 07:39AM","Assassins Creed Discovery Tour honoured at Games for Change Awards","","Games Industry","Matthew Handrahan","United Kingdom","","English","718215","0","6643.49","Positive","Discovery Tour,Creed Origins,last night,Change,awards,Games,Best Learning Game,Change Industry Leadership Award,games and technology,remaining winners,Nintendo Labo,combat,free way,Best XR,Ubisoft,Assassin,G4C People,help people,AAA studio,long contributions,ceremony","Adhoc Search Export","exampleco","","2019-06-19 00:00:00","https","","rep2"
"rep1","19-Jun-2019 05:26AM","Survey shows crisis of confidence in vaccines in parts of Europe","","Yahoo! News UK","Sarah Boseley Health editor","United Kingdom","","English","1103802","0","10210.17","Neutral","social media,global survey,Global Monitor,low trust,vaccines,s trust,world,confidence,people,highest trust,Vaccine Confidence Project,east think vaccines,science,Europe,full effects,parts,major measles outbreaks,countries,northern America,vaccine and autism,measles cases,safety and effectiveness,Dr Heidi Larson,Europe and anti,attitudes, Larson,confidence building and information,measles, mumps and rubella,science and technology,disease","Adhoc Search Export","exampleco","","2019-06-19 00:00:00","https","","rep2"
"rep1","19-Jun-2019 05:01AM","Survey shows crisis of confidence in vaccines in parts of Europe","","The Guardian","Sarah Boseley","United Kingdom","","English","42248139","0","390795.29","Neutral","social media,global survey,Global Monitor,low trust,vaccines,s trust,people,Europe,highest trust,Vaccine Confidence Project,confidence,east think vaccines,science,full effects,parts,major measles outbreaks,countries,world,vaccine and autism,northern America,measles cases,Europe and anti,safety and effectiveness,Dr Heidi Larson,attitudes, Larson,confidence building and information,measles, mumps and rubella,science and technology,disease","Adhoc Search Export","exampleco","","2019-06-19 00:00:00","https","","rep2"
"rep1","19-Jun-2019 04:46AM","Nigeria villagers in Borno mourn the dead, lament state failures","","MSN News UK","Orji Sunday","United Kingdom","","English","192117","0","1777.08","Negative","suicide bombers,Borno state,crowd,Boko Haram,matches,Al Jazeera,Mandarari bomb blast points,tent Sunday night,World Cup football match,human bombs,children,Villagers,girl,state capital,combat roles,people,attack,Bomboi,State Emergency Management Agency,farming village,Mandarari,children, women and men,restive Borno state,emergency workers,empty villages,viewing centre,many bodies,emergency services,agency","Adhoc Search Export","exampleco","","2019-06-19 00:00:00","http","","rep2"

Thanks, Mike

Thanks Mike - we suspect that it is a bad line somewhere that is the cause, so we might need the whole file. I'll DM you a link for you to upload it to us

Hi Rich. That's done. Just a note - it look almost 2 mins to upload. Thanks, Mike

Hi Mike,
I've been unable to replicate your issue with the file you provided. I've tried uploading to a local kibana server and one in the cloud, both times the file is analysed correctly. I may be having more luck due to a faster connection.
There is an open issue for file data visualiser timeouts in cloud which may be related. This is currently scheduled to be fixed for 7.4.

Hi James

Thanks for your help. I got to a faster connection today and was able to load the file without any problem.

Thanks, Mike

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