Cumulative Sum Aggregation and Display Issue in Kibana 7.8


I have a line graph chart comparing showing % change of a certain metric for each of the many sectors.

My Report:

Bucket : split series
Term: sector_name.keyword
Order by "Custom Metric"
Aggregation: Max (field: changepercent)
order: ascending 15

X - axis date is date timestamp
, y axis is cumultivee sum percent

However, what I notice is, that it does not show the tru top 15 sectors based on % change. It shows some random 15. In other words, let's say I asked for top 3
and my SQL (from the db) shows output as
sectorA 53%
sectorB 47%
sectorC 41%
sectorD 38%
sectorE 25%,

It shows top 3 as sectorA, sector C and sector E or some random ones like that.
It is never the tru top 10 or 15 based on % change. It's always some random 15.

I tried doing min chaangepercent, and also, descending instead of ascending,,, no matter what I do, it always skips some .

Please help.

This sounds like it may be a bug. Would you mind opening an issue at


In the aggregation under terms, instead of using min and max, I tried sum. Then did ascending and descending.

This provided the correct result.

I'm realizing that I was visualizing the mathematical projections incorrectly.

Thanks for your reply.

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