Cumulative sum on daily basis

Hi I have a use case where I need to plot cumulative sum of status code count vs time.

But what I except that the cumulative sum will reset to 0 at the day starting (00:00:00).

For example, let say I have 10 count at 10:00, 20 at 15:00...for same day & I have 10 count at 09:00 next day...
When I plot this data as a cumulative sum I need to have data starting at 0 and ending at 30 at 15:00 for the current day.... And the visualization should start at 0 for next day

Not 100% sure whether I understand your case correctly, but I think you can do this by creating a chart with a cumulative sum on the y axis, an hourly date histogram on the x axis and a split series by daily date histogram on the same field:

Each series will only contain data from a single day and a cumulative sum is made over the hours of that day.

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