Cumulative sum till date

Hey ,
I have data in elasticsearch with indexing at date.
For example - I have data like this ->
12 oct 2017 -> value =30
13 oct 2017-> value =20
14 oct 2017 -> value =60

I can create dashboard with date as x-axis and corresponding value on y-axis.
But now i want aggregation of value till the date .
So i want
12 oct 2017 - >value=30
13 oct ->value .= 30+20=50
14 oct ->value = 30+20+60=110
How can i do that? I donot want to change the data in elasticsearch. Just need a way to visualize data in this way.

Create a visualization where the x-axis is a date histogram on the time field and set the Y-axis metric to the sum of a given field. The adjust the time bucketing to show the chunks of time you care about.

If you simply need a sum of all values in the selected timeframe, just use a Metric vis with the sum of the count field.

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