Curator 5 on Centos 7 unexpected argument 'timeout'

I installed curator 5 from the YUM repo for Centos7 and can't get it running. Really wanted to start making use of the empty values for allocation.

I also tried installing from pip, then tried installing python34 and using a virtual env, no luck. Any ideas?

[root@es-management-1-1 ~]# curator_cli --dry-run --host es-test-host --port 9200 allocation --key node_type --allocation_type require --value "" --filter_list '[{"filtertype": "pattern","kind": "regex","value": ".*"},{"filtertype": "age","source":"name","direction":"older","timestring": "%Y.%m.%d","unit":"days","unit_count":7}]'
Click will abort further execution because Python 3 was configured to use ASCII as encoding for the environment.  Consult mitigation steps.

This system lists a couple of UTF-8 supporting locales that
you can pick from.  The following suitable locales where
discovered: aa_DJ.utf8, aa_ER.utf8, aa_ET.utf8, af_ZA.utf8, am_ET.utf8, an_ES.utf8, ar_AE.utf8, ar_BH.utf8, ar_DZ.utf8, ar_EG.utf8, ar_IN.utf8, ar_IQ.utf8, ar_JO.utf8, ar_KW.utf8, ar_LB.utf8, ar_LY.utf8, ar_MA.utf8, ar_OM.utf8, ar_QA.utf8, ar_SA.utf8, ar_SD.utf8, ar_SY.utf8, ar_TN.utf8, ar_YE.utf8, as_IN.utf8, ast_ES.utf8, ayc_PE.utf8, az_AZ.utf8, be_BY.utf8, bem_ZM.utf8, ber_DZ.utf8, ber_MA.utf8, bg_BG.utf8, bho_IN.utf8, bn_BD.utf8, bn_IN.utf8, bo_CN.utf8, bo_IN.utf8, br_FR.utf8, brx_IN.utf8, bs_BA.utf8, byn_ER.utf8, ca_AD.utf8, ca_ES.utf8, ca_FR.utf8, ca_IT.utf8, crh_UA.utf8, cs_CZ.utf8, csb_PL.utf8, cv_RU.utf8, cy_GB.utf8, da_DK.utf8, de_AT.utf8, de_BE.utf8, de_CH.utf8, de_DE.utf8, de_LU.utf8, doi_IN.utf8, dv_MV.utf8, dz_BT.utf8, el_CY.utf8, el_GR.utf8, en_AG.utf8, en_AU.utf8, en_BW.utf8, en_CA.utf8, en_DK.utf8, en_GB.utf8, en_HK.utf8, en_IE.utf8, en_IN.utf8, en_NG.utf8, en_NZ.utf8, en_PH.utf8, en_SG.utf8, en_US.utf8, en_ZA.utf8, en_ZM.utf8, en_ZW.utf8, es_AR.utf8, es_BO.utf8, es_CL.utf8, es_CO.utf8, es_CR.utf8, es_CU.utf8, es_DO.utf8, es_EC.utf8, es_ES.utf8, es_GT.utf8, es_HN.utf8, es_MX.utf8, es_NI.utf8, es_PA.utf8, es_PE.utf8, es_PR.utf8, es_PY.utf8, es_SV.utf8, es_US.utf8, es_UY.utf8, es_VE.utf8, et_EE.utf8, eu_ES.utf8, fa_IR.utf8, ff_SN.utf8, fi_FI.utf8, fil_PH.utf8, fo_FO.utf8, fr_BE.utf8, fr_CA.utf8, fr_CH.utf8, fr_FR.utf8, fr_LU.utf8, fur_IT.utf8, fy_DE.utf8, fy_NL.utf8, ga_IE.utf8, gd_GB.utf8, gez_ER.utf8, gez_ET.utf8, gl_ES.utf8, gu_IN.utf8, gv_GB.utf8, ha_NG.utf8, he_IL.utf8, hi_IN.utf8, hne_IN.utf8, hr_HR.utf8, hsb_DE.utf8, ht_HT.utf8, hu_HU.utf8, hy_AM.utf8, ia_FR.utf8, id_ID.utf8, ig_NG.utf8, ik_CA.utf8, is_IS.utf8, it_CH.utf8, it_IT.utf8, iu_CA.utf8, iw_IL.utf8, ja_JP.utf8, ka_GE.utf8, kk_KZ.utf8, kl_GL.utf8, km_KH.utf8, kn_IN.utf8, ko_KR.utf8, kok_IN.utf8, ks_IN.utf8, ku_TR.utf8, kw_GB.utf8, ky_KG.utf8, lb_LU.utf8, lg_UG.utf8, li_BE.utf8, li_NL.utf8, lij_IT.utf8, lo_LA.utf8, lt_LT.utf8, lv_LV.utf8, mag_IN.utf8, mai_IN.utf8, mg_MG.utf8, mhr_RU.utf8, mi_NZ.utf8, mk_MK.utf8, ml_IN.utf8, mn_MN.utf8, mni_IN.utf8, mr_IN.utf8, ms_MY.utf8, mt_MT.utf8, my_MM.utf8, nb_NO.utf8, nds_DE.utf8, nds_NL.utf8, ne_NP.utf8, nhn_MX.utf8, niu_NU.utf8, niu_NZ.utf8, nl_AW.utf8, nl_BE.utf8, nl_NL.utf8, nn_NO.utf8, nr_ZA.utf8, nso_ZA.utf8, oc_FR.utf8, om_ET.utf8, om_KE.utf8, or_IN.utf8, os_RU.utf8, pa_IN.utf8, pa_PK.utf8, pap_AN.utf8, pl_PL.utf8, ps_AF.utf8, pt_BR.utf8, pt_PT.utf8, ro_RO.utf8, ru_RU.utf8, ru_UA.utf8, rw_RW.utf8, sa_IN.utf8, sat_IN.utf8, sc_IT.utf8, sd_IN.utf8, se_NO.utf8, shs_CA.utf8, si_LK.utf8, sid_ET.utf8, sk_SK.utf8, sl_SI.utf8, so_DJ.utf8, so_ET.utf8, so_KE.utf8, so_SO.utf8, sq_AL.utf8, sq_MK.utf8, sr_ME.utf8, sr_RS.utf8, ss_ZA.utf8, st_ZA.utf8, sv_FI.utf8, sv_SE.utf8, sw_KE.utf8, sw_TZ.utf8, szl_PL.utf8, ta_IN.utf8, ta_LK.utf8, te_IN.utf8, tg_TJ.utf8, th_TH.utf8, ti_ER.utf8, ti_ET.utf8, tig_ER.utf8, tk_TM.utf8, tl_PH.utf8, tn_ZA.utf8, tr_CY.utf8, tr_TR.utf8, ts_ZA.utf8, tt_RU.utf8, ug_CN.utf8, uk_UA.utf8, unm_US.utf8, ur_IN.utf8, ur_PK.utf8, ve_ZA.utf8, vi_VN.utf8, wa_BE.utf8, wae_CH.utf8, wal_ET.utf8, wo_SN.utf8, xh_ZA.utf8, yi_US.utf8, yo_NG.utf8, yue_HK.utf8, zh_CN.utf8, zh_HK.utf8, zh_SG.utf8, zh_TW.utf8, zu_ZA.utf8

When used with Python 3 (and the DEB and RPM packages of Curator are compiled
and bundled with Python 3), Curator requires the locale to be unicode. Any of
the above unicode definitions are acceptable.

To set the locale to be unicode, try:

$ export LC_ALL=en_US.utf8
$ curator_cli [ARGS]

Alternately, you should be able to specify the locale on the command-line:

$ LC_ALL=en_US.utf8 curator_cli [ARGS]

Be sure to substitute your unicode variant for en_US.utf8

[root@es-management-1-1 ~]# export LC_ALL=en_US.utf8
[root@es-management-1-1 ~]# curator_cli --dry-run --host es-test-host --port 9200 allocation --key node_type --allocation_type require --value "" --filter_list '[{"filtertype": "pattern","kind": "regex","value": ".*"},{"filtertype": "age","source":"name","direction":"older","timestring": "%Y.%m.%d","unit":"days","unit_count":7}]'
__init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'timeout'

Can confirm this is a bug. Please open an issue at

I even know which line needs a fix, too. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Done, thanks for the quick response as always :+1:

The fix is already being tested by Travis CI. It will be merged as soon as it passes.

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