Curator action : allocation dies with exception error

Curator version : elasticsearch-curator (4.2.5)
Elasticsearch version :elasticsearch-5.1.1

I was testing the curator setting using the configuration from this blog. However, allocation action dies with exception error.

2017-01-25 17:36:25,427 ERROR curator.cli cli:193 Failed to complete action: allocation. <class 'curator.exceptions.FailedExecution'>: Exception encountered. Rerun with loglevel DEBUG and/or check Elasticsearch logs for more information. Exception: TransportError(400, u'illegal_argument_exception', u'wait_for_relocating_shards has been removed, use wait_for_no_relocating_shards [true/false] instead')

As the error shows , code uses wait_for_relocating_shards .
According to the release note option name had changed in 5.1.

Would this be a bug?

More like a regression caused by API changes. This is the struggle of trying to maintain code compatibility between major versions of a product.

Please report this in an issue at

Ok . Thanks.

Posting done.

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