TransportError when executing rollover action via curator

(Allan Sene Oliveira) #1


I'm getting this error when executing a rollover action via curator:

Failed to complete action: rollover. <class 'elasticsearch.exceptions.RequestError'>: TransportError(400, 'illegal_argument_exception', '[elasticsearch-master-03][...][indices:admin/rollover]')

My action is like:

    action: rollover
    description: >-
      Rollover the index associated with index 'name', which should be in the
      form of prefix-000001 (or similar), or prefix-YYYY.MM.DD-1.
      name: api-search
        max_age: 1d

Even when I try with --dry-run the error happens. Anyone know what could be occasioning this?

Thanks :smile:

(Aaron Mildenstein) #2

Illegal argument? And the name of a master node? Is the cluster healthy? Is there any more log data? A 400 error is definitely telling you the API call is rejected due to something being malformed. Without more context, I don't think I can guess at the answer.

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