Curl to ES from outside of the K8s cluster using the certificate I can't find

Good morning everyone.

I'm creating a ECK environment in Openshift that I have installed by using the ECK operator. So far I have 3 multirole ES node pods, 1 kibana, 1 Logstash and 2+2 filebeat and metricbeat daemons set to get logs and metrics of pods running in the two nodes of my K8s cluster. I get indexes with metrics and Kibana's dashboards represent all beautifully.

The next goal I want to achieve is implementing and APM solution for all applications running in the cluster or out of it. I guess that I will have to install elactic agents in the K8s nodes or pods (I dont know it yet). But that´s not my question.

After reading different sections of the documentation of the Elastic Web site, I understood that when installing ECK with the operator, a Fleet Server get ready to be used without having to perform any extra steps.

"Elastic Cloud runs a hosted version of Integrations Server that includes Fleet Server. No extra setup is required unless you want to scale your deployment."

Said so, I went to my Kibana --> Management --> Fleet (Agents Tab)

First thing I'm asked to fill is:

First, set the public IP or host name and port that agents will use to reach Fleet Server. It uses port 8220 by default. We'll then generate a policy for you automatically.

I have no clue what is the Fleet Server Host Url I need to add.

If I go to the (Settings Tab), I find no items in the "Fleet Server Host" section. If at that point I click on "Edit hosts", I see the following message:

Specify the URLs that your agents will use to connect to a Fleet Server. If multiple URLs exist, Fleet shows the first provided URL for enrollment purposes. Fleet Server uses port 8220 by default. Refer to the Fleet and Elastic Agent Guide

So here come my questions.

How do I know I have a Fleet Server already running? According to the documentation it should be running but there is nothing I can choose in the (Settings Tab).

If it is not running. How can I install it?

If it is running. How do I get the URL and port where the agent should try to connect to?

Is this IP/FQDN:port of my choice or should I use a prefixed value? How do I set it?

Should it be reachable? I guess that using localhost is not an options if agents have to reach it.

Can someone please clarify this concepts to me and forgive at the same time my ignorance? :slight_smile:

Thank you very much in advance.

Carlos T.