Currency in €


I have Kibana 5.6.3 and i have 2 questions :

  • It is possible to have currency in € on this version ?
    In advanced settings i put '0,0[.]0 $' but dollar is not my currency ^^.

  • Actualy my sums of amount are like that : 75,670.40 $.
    I would have 75 670.40 $ (space replace comma.
    It is possible ?

Thanks !

Under Management->Index Patterns you can specify a field formatter per field. The number formatter uses numeraljs for formattering numbers. Checkout out their docs.

After check, Kibana is not available in french, so 75 670.40 $ (space replace comma) is not possible when i use numeraljs..

For € replace $, it's possible on this version of kibana ?

I do not think it is possible. You can file an issue at

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