Custom field formatter

Hello there! :slight_smile:
I need to create a custom field formatter; I found this article
which is a kind of guide for Kibana 4.. Where could I find something similar for Kibana 7.?
I'm asking because I noticed that everything is changed so the guide lines in the link seem "old".

Thank you in advance for sharing your knowledges :slight_smile:

There isn't really a guide like that for Kibana 7 as most of it has been added as features in the formatters list. Is there anything specific you're trying to achieve? We can try and help with that.

Thanh you for your answer Marius.
I need to hide confidential data, so at first I used the truncated string formatter keeping only the first 3 characters; since everything over the third character has been truncated, the visualizations I built with the "clear" data transformed into a mess because, for example, the ID 123ABC went in the same bucket of the ID 123ZXW.
In conclusion, I'm looking for a formatter which hides informations only to the reader and not to Kibana, so that Kibana can keep working with the full data.
I hope I was clear enough :slight_smile:

I can't really see a way of doing this while having the data actually secure, as a Kibana user can see the request/response in the Inspector or even in the browser console.
To keep the data secure, you should just create different spaces for users based on their security credentials and only show them the fields that you want them to be able to see. I recommend looking at DLS/FLS in Elasticsearch.

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