Custom fields in mysql @ metricbeat (rather than the usual mysql.status)

Hello Community

I'm trying configure some mysql monitoring using ELK.

But, after installing and configuring metricbeats, but I can't seem to configure other values other than those from the show global status query.

Is this even possible ? Can I execute a custom query against mysql and use these results in kibana ? How ?

Thank you very much.


Three Metricbeat MySQL module does not allows customizing the query, but if you wish to periodically index the results of a custom query then there are a couple of workarounds:

  1. Modify your query so it uses into outfile syntax. This way MySQL will write results to a file. Then schedule the execution of this query and let Filebeat read from this file.
  2. Run Logstash in another server and use the JDBC input plugin to connect and read from this MySQL

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