Custom headers

Hello, I have a custom elasticsearch plugin that requires custom HTTP headers. So I'd like to know if there's a way for rally to passe custom headers other than using raw-request (exemple using --client-options or a headers JSON key for each operation of a track) ?

I'd also like to know if there's a way to make rally fails if some operation fails. I ran a track against a 7.6 node, forgeting to remove the type when creating the index. Index creation fails and because, as an administrative task, it is not by default in the report I didn't knew it was wrong. It happens that I ran some queries while indexing and saw that something was wrong. If I didn't check, I would have misleading results.

Hi Vincent,

this is not possible yet but I had a quick look in the code and I think it should be possible to expose this. Can you please raise an issue for this in the Rally repo?

Yes, you can specify --on-error=abort (see also the docs). The default is to continue on errors and just record them because errors might also be ok (e.g. you want the benchmark to continue on a single rejected bulk but you want to know about it - in the error rate).


Thank you for this quick answer, I'll raise an issue on github for headers. And I'm sorry that I missed the --on-error option in the doc.

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