Failure in create-index operation doesn't create error


I was creating a custom track and accidentally specified invalid index settings. My problem is that esrally happily continued on and didn't produce any output that alerted me to this fact and I was just confused that my index was getting created improperly.

I eventually found a log line that produced a WARNING, but I was wondering if there was an option/flag so that esrally would create an error when a step fails.

2019-12-27 01:16:18,878 -not-actor-/PID:84505 elasticsearch WARNING PUT http://localhost:9200/bad-track [status:400 request:0.016s]

Is it expected that the create-index operation doesn't fail on error?


The default behavior of Rally is to continue on error. See rally#791 for the reasoning.

You can use the command line parameter --on-error=abort to achieve what you are after.


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Thanks for the explanation!

@dliappis following up, is there a way for a track to specify an on-error behavior per operation? Or just for the whole track? For example, like the reasoning you linked to, an error for indexing is "data" but an error for index creation invalidates the track.

Currently not, the cli flag --on-error controls this behavior throughout the entire execution of the track.

Gotcha, thanks!

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