I need to create a custom application that interfaces with Elasticsearch similar to how Rally does

I've been studying Rally to try to see an example of how an application might interface with Elasticsearch. The problem is that so far I haven't discovered where Rally communicates with Elasticsearch. Of particular interest is the Rally code that sends data to be indexed to Elasticsearch and the code that issues queries. Is there anyone familiar with Rally that could point me in the right direction?

Hi @davidmarsh,

Rally uses the rally-track repository to define what operations a particular track will execute. These map back to concrete actions in rally here. I have highlighted the create index operation, and you can see it defined in a track's operations.

Now this action is registered here, so any time this action is executed, this code is run.

Rally uses the python elasticsearch client under the hood.

I hope this helps!

Thanks Michael, that was very helpful. Dave Marsh

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