Update_by_query not supported for track's operations?

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Hi all,
I have confirmation for "update_by_query".
It is not supported for track's operations. Is my understanding correct?
I have checked both Rally doc and sample tracks within rally-tracks in advance.

(Daniel Mitterdorfer) #2


our documentation states which operations are supported out of the box by Rally and you are correct that the update by query API is not among them.

We add new APIs from time to time to Rally but this API seems a bit too specific to me. However, you can call any Elasticsearch API with Rally by implementing a small Python function which we call a custom "runner", see our tutorial how to add a custom runner. In that function you'd then delegate the actual work to the update_by_query function of the Elasticsearch Python client.


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Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your detailed explanation. Elastic team members reply soon. I appreciate it.

I will check a custom runner.

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