Custom kibana home

can anyone help in the customization of the homepage of kibana ui

I want to remove all the cards and add a pic in the background


This is not officially supported, you could create an own plugin, containing a custom home plugin instead of the provided, or create a plugin containing CSS to hide certain elements


I have a custom UI plugin created, I can use that itself to hide the cards on this view, but if I hide euiPanel, wouldn't it affect kibana throughout and hide all the euiPanels??

Yes, you need to write more specific CSS adaptions

ok thanks

@matw I tried to customize the kibana homeApp, by accessing the data-test-subj = homeApp, but the changes were not implemented, please let me know how can I access the specific page?

this is a selector you can use, tried it in the browsers dev tools, and it worked.


Hi @Shikhar_Dixit,
I recommand to set the default homeApp to your custom plugin
and that can be done :
1- Via kibana.yml just change kibana.defaultAppId
2- in advanced setup of your kibana space : change Default route

the solution @ylasri is a much cleaner approach than tweaking CSS, then you've got more freedom to style and your selectors won't disappear between minors.

@ylasri setting the defaultAppId in the kibana.yml routes to the mentioned route after login, but the user can still view the homeApp by clicking on the kibana logo. I want to change the view of that window, and include just a background image instead of all the euiPanels.

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