Custom Kibana logo not appearing on certain machines

(Ryan Kerr) #1

Hey! Not sure if this has been covered before (apologies if so) but I can't find anything that deals with this issue!

I changed the logo image in Kibana to a company logo, I can view this new image on my machine and all machines I have tested on, yet there is a user who can't see this image for some reason. On his screen there is no logo, only a black space where it should be. This is hard to test on my end since it works everywhere else, I was wondering if anyone knew of any reason why this could be happening or point me in the direction of a previous thread with a similar issue? Thanks in advance!

(Tyler Smalley) #2

I can't think of a reason why this would be the case. What type of image is it? What browser is failing to load the image?

(Ryan Kerr) #3

Thanks for the reply! It's an SVG image, and it was failing to load on Chrome originally. I suggested trying another browser and it then failed on both IE11 and Firefox!

(system) #4