Kibana icon's not displaying in IE11

Accessing Kibana 5.0.1 with x-pack 5.0.1 installed, the SVG based icons do not display.

I'm accessing it via IP address, on port 5601, http

Any suggestions? I think this is a bug.

It sounds like a bug but I didn't have any luck reproducing it. Are you referring to the application icons in the left sidebar? Do they show up if you open in a private window or clear your cache? If you open the network tab i n dev tools do you see the icon requests being rejected?

Looking in the console tab of IE11 debugger, I've found a hint as to what's going on. It showed at CSS3114 error: @font-face failed OpenType Embedding permission Check. Permission must be Installable.

I wonder if that is related. It's possible it could also be some kind of locked down corporate policy, although I can't verify that yet.

Network tab looks OK, with return code 200 for the items including SVGs, such as on the login screen, logout.svg returns a 200.

The login screen, for example, does not show the block user icon, and black password icon, which are visible in Google Chrome.

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