Custom Kibana Plugin to Call External API


I would like to create a custom Kibana plugin which gets a user input "single word" from Kibana interface, then call an external API with the provided user input as a parameter, and only display the result back, no need to index it.

I have found a lot of community queries for the same, with no answers, or any advises around Kibana custom plugin development, seems like an area lacking proper documentation. All cases are closed after 28 days with no reply, I hope this will not be the outcome of this case as well.

Thank you.

Hello Mike,

I can't think of anything stopping you from doing this in a custom plugin. If there are other posts which haven't been replied to, it may be because this advice falls outside the realm of general Kibana advice and lies instead in the realm of general Javascript & Web Development.

An approach you might take could be:

  • Create a barebones plugin. You might find an existing simple community plugin to model yours after
  • Create UI, or if copying from another plugin, replace the UI with a UI of your choosing
  • Create your user input field in the appropriate way. For example, here are some guidelines around creating React forms
  • Fetch from an external resource using standard JS fetch or a lib of your choosing

It's all really up to you. That's the flexibility of a plugin architecture!


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