Kibana and a custom user interface

Hi there !

Is it possible to develop custom user interfaces with Kibana as in Qlikview ?

Hi @aeljazouli,

I don't know anything about Qlikview and what "custom UI" mean exactly here, but there is a chance that Kibana Canvas or maybe just Kibana Input controls can do what you want.

You can also write your own Kibana plugins that can have a custom look & feel if you wish.


Hi @azasypkin,

For me, I wish something like Kibana Input controls. something like adding a dictionnary of some terms of a field ( the field may contain 4000 terms, but i like just to show 20 in the list). In addition, I like to add/delete/modify my list ( dictionnary of terms ) as I wish.

Can i resolve this problem using own kibana plugins ?

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