Custom Label in Legend for Pie Chart

(Colton) #1

So I have a field called logMessage. It looks like this:

"Connection Terminated: book read from //host/stuff_stuff:4294967295 failed (-268500976) (0) [file.c][2412]"

I want to make a pie chart with split slices on the the log messages. I want the label of each one to be the highlighted part of the message above


As you can see in the picture all messages start with Connection Terminated. I know that you can make custom labels in the Timelion tool with regexs and was wondering if it was possible to do that with pie charts as well?


(Christian Dahlqvist) #2

Why not parse out host into a separate field at indexing time and use this for the visualisation?

(Colton) #3

Long story short, it is not worth all the extra work for how much the log message appears/is used. It's not a deal breaker, otherwise I would implement it that way. I was wondering if there was an easy way to do this since the Timelion feature has it.

(system) #4

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