Custom ordering of graphics in portrait mode (short width page)


When I reduce the page width during preview mode, the graphic reorder their position in a single column (portrait preview). The order in this column is determined by the graphic distribution when on wide page (original position in the dashboard).

Is it possible to customize the graphic order when in short page (portrait mode)?

Hello Victor,

I am sorry. But I am not sure if I get your question? Can you please post some screenshots? Also which part of Kibana? On dashboards? Other applications?


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Hi, thanks for the reply!

I'm running Elasticsearch 8.4.3

I'm in view mode* of dashboard. The first screenshot shows the dashboard in full width and the second and third shots show it in a smaller width (similar to the portrait view on mobile/table/ipad).

Thus, the position of the charts in portrait view are aligned in a single column. The order is defined by the original position of the charts when in full width. EX: 1) the time-distribution graph goes between the word "transoperatorio" and the metric "anestesia, while 2) the table "principais procedimentos" goes between the metric "cancelamentos" and the metric "convênios médicos".

I can infer that the vertical alignment of the charts when in original position (full width) leads the order when in portrait mode (smaller width).

Is there a way to customize the order in portrait view? For example, leave the "principais procedimentos" table below all six metrics.


Please let me know if the message is still unclear

cc @devon.thomson / @Hannah_Mudge any ideas?


@bhavyarm @victorhmorales This is not currently possible. When in portrait/mobile view, the order of the panels is determined from top-to-bottom, left-to-right. In other words, the vertical position of the charts takes higher priority than the horizontal position - that is why the line chart in the example appears below the "transoperatorio" label, because they are both on the same vertical level.

Because we are currently using a third party library for our grid layout, we do not have direct control over how panels are rendered in mobile view. However, if this is a common request, it is something we could consider adding support for as part of our collapsible panels initiative :+1:

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