Custom Plugin by extending existing plugin

Hello Team,

I am wondering if we can develop Custom Plugin by extending existing plugin.
I have a use case to perform update operation on selected records of UI table.
i can use saved search to show the table but can i add select and update functionality to existing saved search.

I am trying to understand the custom visualizations but still struggling to understand it end to end. Please let me know if there are any tutorials or courses available for this.

Thank you,

Hey @adityaPsl,

Kibana plugins don't have the concept of extending other plugins directly, but many plugins choose to expose specific extension points to allow other plugins to enhance their functionality. Are you trying to extend a first-party Kibana plugin, or a third-party plugin?

Hello Larry_Gregory,

Actually i am looking for two options,

  1. Add/Embed existing visualizations into custom plugin
  2. Create simple visualizations like datatable or some indicators UI which i can add to the out the box Kibana dashboards. for example comparing two aggregations and based the value display status with colors etc.

Could you please help me with the pointers to develop something similar to above would really help.

Thank you,
Aditya Deshpande

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