Custom plugin compatibility issue with Kibana 6.4

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I have developed a custom visualization plugin. It is working fine with Kibana versions 6.1, 6.2, and 6.3 but it is giving a 'timefilter' related error on version 6.4. I tried to compare my usage of timefilter with the code of vega plugin and I am doing the similar thing but I can't find solution for this error. I have attached the screenshot of the error and my plugin code is available at github.

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Hi, it's hard to tell which part of the code this error came from. In 6.4, significant changes to timefilter were introduced:

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Hi @jen-huang, thanks for your reply. Reading the comment on the first commit link you posted, seems like the error is in the fact that I am using the angular service to get the time filter. Since in 6.4 it's been removed from that how would I go by to import the time filter to get the bounds?

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