Custom Plugin Development in Kibana

(Prabakar K) #1


I am trying to development custom plugin in Kibana.

Followed the instruction

Facing below issues,
Missing Kibana Development Environment
info Expected location: E:\ELK4\TestKibana\Plugin_Dev\kibana\kibana
info See
Anyone help should be appreciated.

(Tim Sullivan) #2

I believe that error means that the Kibana source couldn't be found in the location on your drive that was expected.

If you are trying to create a new plugin in E:\ELK4\TestKibana\Plugin_Dev\kibana\my-new-plugin, then you will need to git clone the Kibana source code in E:\ELK4\TestKibana\Plugin_Dev\kibana\kibana

All this info is explained in the link that is shown in the error message.

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