Customize ECK Elastic Search for Active Directory Realms?

Hi Team,

I have a new Elastic Search ECK installation (Running ECK 1.1 and Elastic 7.6.2 ) and need to implement AD Realm security. Is this possible?

I see where ECK supports Native and File Security Realms

Is there a way to customize ECK Elastic Search for Active Directory Realms?

As with the standard ES product?


You can follow the Elasticsearch documentation for configuring Active Directory with ECK. The configuration values go into the spec.nodeSets[].config section of the YAML manifest. This is an example of how it could be done:

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Hi Charith, thank you very much for your reply. This is exactly what I needed but I do have a follow-up question please...

What is the recommended way in ECK to edit the role_mapping.yml information? Can I specify the AD role mapping in the nodeSet config?

Such as the following role mapping:

  - "CN=Web_Elastic_Admin,OU=DataAccess,OU=ouGroups,DC=bcbsnc,DC=com"

You can use the role-mapping APIs or use Kubernetes secrets to provide your own role-mapping file.

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Awesome! Thank you!